Kingis 7 weeks old and will be 8 weeks old and ready for his new home on 10/10. He loves people and does not like to be alone. He would do best in a home with another friendly cat. He will be great for all ages because he loves to be held and will be happy in anyone's arms. King is very sweet and would love to meet you!


Dakota, Cali, Alaska(L to R) are so cute. They have this rare coloring where the base of their coat is dark and the hair grows out light. Truly beautiful babies. They will be ready to go home on 10/21 when they are 8 weeks old. Individual profiles will be posted shortly. 

Lily is such a fun girl with tons of personality! She is about 1-2 years old. All of her babies have found homes and now it's her turn!





<- Thumper My name is Thumper and I am the shyest of the group, but I am craving attention! I am such a good boy and get along with everyone! I hear people say my head is a little crooked but the Dr says I am fine, I don't even know what means since I think I look just like everyone else. I guess I had a hard life and was born in an auto body shop, but those days are all behind me. It is all sunshine and butterfly's now! I am also about 5 1/2 months old. 

*Currently In  The Nursery*

Scion is about 7 weeks old and will be ready for her forever home on 10/21. She is very sweet and loves people. She was found in a parking lot under a Scion, hence her name. : )

Radar, Willow & Piper are just too cute! Their orange in their coloring is adorable!! They will be 8 weeks on Nov. 4th and ready for their forever homes. Individual bios coming soon. 

Hi my name is Mochan. If you are looking for a petite girl who loves to lay in your lap I'm your girl. I love attention. I was found in the back of a building with my 5 babies. I was such a good mom. We even had a scare where someone accidentally moved my babies to the trash not knowing they were in the box. The nice employees helped get them out and I was so thankful. I show my thanks to humans everyday with my love. Now that we have been in the rescue for weeks my kids are ready for their forever homes and so am I. I would love to meet you!



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Adoption Fees

Kitten/Young Adult (Under a year): $150

Adult $75

*Discount when adopting two.

~Fees include; Neuter/Spay surgery, exam, up to date on shots, feline leukemia/aids test, parasite testing, & deworming. 


Kittens MUST be 8 weeks old in order to go home. We do pre-adopt at 8 weeks old. with your spay/neuter deposit. This means that you are able to take the kittens home, but need to be fixed no later than 4 months old. 

Adoption Application: Please click on the link, fill out the application, and email to

~ Available Cats ~



Tested/Fixed/UTD on shots

Tested/Fixed/UTD on shots

My name is Zeus and I am 5 1/2 months old. I am the big brother to all my foster siblings. I have stunning good looks, get along with my doggie sisters and LOVE to explore and play! I was rescued from a remote shelter with my siblings.

My name is Eros, I am 5 1/2 months old and I am so outgoing and loving! I am the perfect balance of independent and loving. Call me the thief in the night, because I will steal your heart!
I was rescued from a remote shelter with my siblings.

Hi my name is Olie (Left) & Shadow (right). We thought we were in our forever home. Sadly, we have been given up because we are not "bonded enough to the kids". We are not sure what we did wrong? We are super sweet we just don't always want to be in the middle of the action (were not dogs lol). We get along with everyone. Will you be our final forever home where we can live together forever?


Hi my name isHutch. Hi my name is Hutch. I love my foster parents and my fur siblings. I get alone with everyone. I can be a little shy, but not with people just in new environments.  I am bonded with my brother and the rescue has decided I will only be adopted out if we can live together forever. We were the only two in our litter and want to spend the rest of our lives together. I look to my foster parents for comfort when I am scared and will sit with them while they watch TV all night. I just want to feel safe and will warm up to new places, but until then I prefer to be in a nice warm lap with I can take a nap. I have been raised around other cats and large dogs. I will be 8 weeks old and ready for my new home on 8/12.


My name is Penelope and I am 5 1/2 months old. I love everyone whether it is a kitty, doggy, person, whatever! I love to play and be a typical kid! I was rescued from a remote shelter with my siblings.

The little family above was just brought into the rescue. They were living behind a building. Employees were watching over them and luckily because one day someone didn't see them in the box they were living in and threw it away, while a plan was coming together on how to transport mom who was very scared. They employees sprung into action and saved all the babies. All were okay and this really gained mom's trust that humans were here to help. They are not safe in their foster home and all they need to worry about it eating and sleeping. Individual profiles coming soon! Will be 8 weeks old end of Oct.

My name is Iris and I am about 5 1/2 months old, my foster mommy says I am so brave and loving. I love meeting new animal and people friends! I walk right up to everyone I meet to see how they are doing! I was rescued from a remote shelter with my siblings.

Hi my name isStarsky. I have been raised around cats and large dogs and I run around the house with all of them. I am such a sweet boy. I have a very soft soul and would prefer a house that is on the calmer side. I am bonded with my brother and the rescue has decided I will only be adopted out if we can live together forever. I will be 8 weeks and ready to go home on 8/12.

Julietis about 12 weeks old and has a huge personality. She is very strong willed and likes to do what she’s wants. She will play all day then settle down to cuddle at night. She has been raised around large dogs and cats. Her sister passed away after being born with health problems so she was raised with another litter. She is a doll and very special to her foster mom. Juliet would love to find her forever home.

Chance & Annie: Chance is a very laid back boy. He is about 10 months old. He is very goofy and would provide lots of entertainment and laughs to his new family! Annie is a little more quiet., but warms up fast. They have both been raised around cats, dogs and kids. They do not have to be adopted together. Chance is the grey tabby and Annie is the torte.

4 Paws Strong

Tested/UTD on shots/Fixed

Minnieis the smallest, but she dosen't know it. She is very outgoing and full of personally. When you see this tiny girl you will fall in love right away! She has been raised around dogs, cats, and kids. She would be great in any household. Ariel will be 8 weeks old and ready for her forever home on 9/16.